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Fulfilling Religious Obligation With A Zakat Calculator

Zakat, a religious alms-giving obligation in Islam, is a form of payment given to the poor and needy. It can be given to recipients who Muslim payors choose as long as it is in accordance with the restrictions and specifications of the Quran and the Prophet Mohammed. A Zakat Calculator can help Muslims to determine their due, which is paid annually, mostly during the month of Ramadan. Aside from helping the most unfortunate in the society, Zakat is viewed both as welfare and social justice systems. In fact, it is one of the earliest known welfare and social justice systems to be implemented elsewhere in the world.

Welfare System

As an established welfare system, Zakat is considered as a network of social support for the poor and needy. One of its virtues, for example, is that by providing help to the poor, it links everybody with one another, creating a solid community of Muslims. It is effective because its collection and implementation is enforced by the Muslim community as a whole, and does not depend on voluntary charity. Its system is functional and complete because Muslims believe it was implemented by the Prophet Mohammed, as revealed by Allah. It was so effective that there came a time in the history of Islam that only a few ever needed Zakat to help them get back up in life financially. Whats more, it enables Muslims to choose lifestyles that will not create poverty in their society. One good example of this is that Muslims are encouraged to hire poor people to work for them, in order for the less fortunate to have a source of income.

Social Justice

Islam also advocates social justice. It states that Muslims should not take disadvantage, but rather have compassion for the weak and vulnerable. Zakat is significant in this aspect. The Quran believes that a community of Muslims can only become fully human and functional if it shows love and care with each other, making sure justice is served to the most unfortunate. To achieve this, spiritual consciousness must be enhanced through prayers, and social consciousness be raised by paying due Zakat. To accurately know how much needs to be paid, a Zakat calculator must be used. In other words, Muslims are bonded by charity through their obligation to one another and in Allah.

Proper Distribution

In Islam, there is mutual responsibility, as mirrored by the concept of give-and-take social obligation evident in Zakat paying. This principle helps Muslims treat the society they live in as an extended family. Zakat in short, is an expression of brotherhood in the most practical and honest form.

In relation to this, what better way to practice brotherhood than equal distribution of resources? In Islam, the needs of a society are only fulfilled with equal distribution of wealth and income. The belief is that, resources are viewed as Allahs trust to mankind. To properly distribute collected Zakat to the needy, a Zakat calculator may be of great assistance.

The strength of the Muslim community may be attributed to the Zakat. Its mystery lies not on the sense of social responsibility it promotes, but that it connects all Muslims through an obligation of sufficiency. Now what better way is there to solidify a society than a Zakat?

Self-massage: A Stress Reliever

When it comes to finding the oldest and the most effective form of technique to encourage relaxation, massage should be considered to the most efficient and helpful of them all. In fact, massage is considered one of the most traditional and yet the most effective way in order to access the chi of the body. It has been known that the flow of the chi is effectively used in order to maintain the balance of the body and restore it to its optimum condition.

If you consider massage as your personal favorite in terms of relieving stress, then surely self-massage should be your ideal technique in order to alleviate the stress off your body. Self-massage can be considered to be very helpful even when there is no one to massage you.

The following are your helpful tips for you to effectively facilitate a self-massage relaxation technique:

Find a quiet place to relax. This should be your suited place for you to practice your self-massage. The place must be quiet and serene so that you will be able to effectively make a self-massage technique.

Put your hands on your cheeks and massage them gently. Especially if you feel very tensed, this is the best way for you to alleviate stress. You have to carefully massage your cheeks while keeping your eyes closed. Allow your hands to relax the muscles of your facial features.

Rub your nape gently After you have done rubbing your cheeks gently, you can also proceed with rubbing gently your nape. Remember not to apply too much pressure on this as you may accidentally hit on nerve pressures that are considered to be sensitive.

Continue to massage your forearm and elbow You need to put your right hand on your left shoulder. After which, you can massage the topmost point all the way down to your elbow. At the same time, it is best that you also proceed in massaging your forearm.

You can now proceed with performing light stretches Stretching allows you to release any tension in your whole body. It gives you the ability to release any tension on your legs and arms after that hectic work.

Indeed, self-massage is effective and has known to provide a number of good benefits for your body. Aside from the physical remedy it may bring, it should also provide you the much needed alleviation from stress allowing you to function well.