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What Are The Luckiest Astrological Signs?

You've heard the phrase lucky in love - but why doesn't anyone talk about being lucky in money? Not everyone has the same feelings or desires when it comes to making and saving money. But did you know your attitude toward money might be influenced by the day you were born? That's right astrology and numerology has a lot to tell us about how we handle money.

Below we list the six zodiac signs most influenced by money and financial matters - you could say these people are the most lucky-in-money.

Of course even if you aren't one of the lucky signs it doesn't mean you are bad at making money or spending or saving for that matter. Everyone can learn to be better money managers, but if you are lucky enough to be one of these signs you may have noticed money comes a bit easier - or not. It's all just in the stars right?

Some believe if you are one of the luckiest zodiac signs, then you are guaranteed to be well off financially. I'll call BS on that fact but it it always fun to dream.

Here are the five luckiest zodiac signs in finances:


According to astrology Aries is the luckiest zodiac sign when in comes to financial matters. Aries are highly motivated, focused, and driven to succeed. Many Aries are born leaders adept at motivating others with comes in handy when building your financial empire. Aries are also masters at dealing with all difficulties which comes up often when building a business.


Taureans are passionate entrepreneurs. As with many entrepreneurs struggle is inevitable and Taureans go through their fair share of it. But with perseverance their efforts pay off big time. Being big savers Taureans also are good at managing money since they do not like to spend frivolously.


Pisceans are masters of long term investments. While they can be very good with money they are in it for the long haul. It can take some time for those investments to pay off so their luck in money comes after quite a bit of hard work and planning.


Where are my Leo's at? Let's. Go. Shopping! Leos have a bit of a juxtaposition when it comes to money. On one hand they enjoy financial stability. Yet on the other hand they really do love to spend money too. So Leo's have to be careful on maintaining that balance. Leo may achieve a good amount of wealth in life, however, they need to be aware of their spending habits when shopping.


Like Taureans money comes with struggle. With diligent effort however Taureans are just as lucky in money as the best of them. Virgos are adept at handling money matters and saving for a rainy day. Creating their financial fortunes is always well worth the effort.


Our list wouldn't be complete without our dear free-spirited Sagittarius. When it comes to your typical Sagittarius, you think care-free and unburdened by material things but when it comes to money they make great savers. If there is something they desire they will save diligently until they have saved enough to get it. All the while maintaining a positive energy toward their money.


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