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Esoteric Wisdom On Youtube

YouTube is a platform where anyone who has something to say has a way to share it with the world. In the past esoteric teachings, whether on spiritual or psychic topics were difficult to find. A person needed to know someone who could let them into the group if they were lucky enough to live in a city that had an organization for the teachings one desired.

Today all you have to do is a search on YouTube and you will find at least one channel, and usually several that have videos about the subject you want to study. For example , astrology is widely recognized in newspapers for the horoscopes and the current news, but to find people that study astrology is difficult. Even though millions of people read more about their horoscope every day, there are very few places that teach the ancient wisdom of astrology.

YouTube has become a hub where all types of astrology videos are offered. The most prolific is the monthly forecast, although there are many weekly and daily videos to choose from also. Some of the videos offer instructions on how to read the planets in the chart. Others have in depth discussions about the global meanings for when the planets change signs.

There are videos that are of the more personal nature, such as on relationships, marriage, children and family and shows why this ancient system can predict certain events in life. However my favorite astrologer isnt super predictive, she gives a forecast of what the day will be like but leaves it up to the free will of people to decide what to do with it.

Finding these nuggets of information that I otherwise would never been able to be privileged to is a blessing. It is amazing how easy it is to search and discover several experts on all types of topics, astrology and others. I know that it is important to keep an open mind and still be skeptical until I feel confident that the person I am listening to is an expert on the

There are several ways to know this, one is from the response of the community and the comments. The other is by looking up their credentials and reputation. And of course is the third and whether what they are talking about has significance and meaning in your life. Some esoteric wisdom is purely intellectual, other knowledge, like astrology, can be tested to see if what the astrologer mentioned is useful in everyday life.


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