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Why Someone Would Choose To Be Spiritual Rather Than Religious

When it comes to religions, many are made up of so many different layers that it can be difficult for a person to agree with every single aspect involved. Some people actually lean more "spiritual" than strictly religious anyway since they tend to adopt their own definitions of what their personal relationship with a particular religion is. Religion is also something of a hot button issue, much like politics, where people are easily offended once it's brought up. These are just a few of the central reasons why someone might opt to "be spiritual" rather than practice any religion in particular.

These days, information travels at the speed of light; you can go to a thousand websites and get a thousand different viewpoints. It's now easier than ever to investigate a whole world of knowledge and hear a lot of different takes on morality and how people should live their lives. You can explore different cultures and survey opposing views quite readily now. Now more than ever, people are being exposed to a lot of different viewpoints on religion, making it harder for them to know what to believe. It seemed the norm not that many years ago was to simply adopt whatever religion your parents or family may have, but it's gradually slipping more into a matter of personal choice.

Since it's become so difficult to see why one particular religion is "right" over all of the others, the option to merely believe in something greater out there - even if it isn't specific or defined - sometimes feels like the safer bet. It's easier to simply remain open to spirituality without committing to one particular ideal. After all, most people can barely even decide what they want for dinner on a given night, much less take a stance on all the big whys and hows of the universe.

While many people are adamant that their religious views are the ones that are right and that it's essentially their way or none at all, those kind of views are still ultimately personal. Religion is a touchy subject and something that's very difficult to wrap your brain around at times. It makes sense to merely be open to finding out more somewhere down the line rather than putting your foot down to say you really have all the answers. Either course is fine, but ultimately, choosing what to believe in is a very insular matter, and opting into a more vague or personally defined sense of spirituality is just as valid as anything else.


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